"With the current savings my system will have paid for itself within 2 years...." "Extremely efficient, especially over the winter months..."     "When our electrical geyser burst......the installation was completed by late afternoon"   "In 2005, a ‘role model’.....these installations were executed according to the specified scheduled dates, without any delays or complaints"

WaterLite Solar Water Heaters are specifically designed & manufactured locally by us for our AFRICAN conditions.

WaterLite makes use of the highest grade locally produced 444 Stainless steel for the

jacket and storage tank. Both the WaterLite High Pressure and Low Pressure range of Solar Water Heaters are 

SABS Approved


WaterLite is the superior performing, indirect, freeze resistant Solar Water Heater in South Africa.

We manufacture our own range of 110Lt Low Pressure/Gravity Outlet solar water heaters

WaterLite High Pressure Solar Water Heaters are available in 2 different sizes:150 and 200 litre.

WaterLite Solar Water Heaters caters for both flat and pitched roof options & we manufacture Compensation Frames for those houses that don't have north facing roofs. 



This type of evacuated tube solar water heater system is unique to WaterLite. ZA Patent No 2010/07967

WaterLite also have their own range of low cost units, specifically  manufactured in South Africa. Patent # 2011/05201


                        Typical Energy Usage in a Domestic Application


MaxLite/WaterLite is a member of SESSA